The RFID Wristband

Leave your worries and wallet behind. Discover the benefits of contactless, cashless and cardless payments with our RFID wristbands. Explore the spa village as you please and purchase drinks and bites with a simple tap.

Enjoy the freedom our RFID wristbands offer

guest scanning their bracelet at a check in kiosk
Scan to begin your adventure

Use the lobby’s terminal to scan the QR code attached to your ticket. Collect your RFID wristband and your reservation is activated.

guest using their rfid bracelet to unlock their locker
Tap to unlock your locker

Simply tap your wristband to your locker to securely store away your belongings and collect your towels and robe.

employee scanning guest rfid bracelet in restaurant
Buy a drink or a snack with a tap

No need to run back to collect your wallet! Tap your wristband to the restaurant’s terminal to buy yourself a well-deserved treat.

employee scanning guest rfid bracelet
Purchase boutique items

Enjoy a bit of retail therapy with a simple tap.

guest leaving their bracelet to end their visit
End your spa village getaway

A final tap and you may leave your wristband behind. Your statement will reflect the amount spent within the village.