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Groupe Nordik is a flourishing company carving itself a place at the peak of the wellness mountain. Commencing its adventure in Quebec’s Outaouais region, our group of innovators have proven themselves to be industry trailblazers through their unrelenting commitment.

Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea, Quebec, welcomed its very first guests in 2005. Today, it continues to grow and evolve by introducing unique wellness experiences to its community. Now the largest spa in North America, Nordik Spa-Nature has carved its place as a major tourist attraction in Canada’s Capital Region. Then came 2015 and along with it the grand opening of the only Nordic spa in the Canadian Prairies: Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature in Winnipeg. As for the future, Groupe Nordik’s latest venture will grace the Greater Toronto area with its first spa village.

Groupe Nordik plans to develop 10 spas across North America by 2027. The objective? Pushing the industry to new heights by offering innovative and cutting-edge rejuvenation experiences, thus cementing the company’s reputation as an international leader in the Nordic spa space. Groupe Nordik continues to achieve growth by relying on its role as a major job creator in all the regions their spas call home. By identifying and assessing promising large-scale projects and business opportunities focused on wellness, Groupe Nordik offers North American communities wellness and opportunities.


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Our Story

Building on its 15 years as a pioneer in the wellness industry, Groupe Nordik is illustrious in its sphere. Martin Paquette and Daniel Gingras—owners of Groupe Nordik—are visionaries of the spa world as well as friends, entrepreneurs and wellness fanatics. Having left their old lives behind, they invested themselves in creating a haven in the heart of nature in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea, Quebec. What began as Nordik Spa-Nature, became the largest spa in North America. Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature in Winnipeg followed. And the novel concept of spa village was introduced in Whitby with the first Thermëa spa village.

co-founders martin paquette and daniel gingras


The evolution of the brand identity to better illustrate the principle of the spa village is part of Groupe Nordik’s vision. The novel concept combines unique experiences inspired by rituals found around the world on a site with a distinctly Canadian character, where nature is prominent, and modernity meets accents of the past. We have transformed the traditional spa experience into a complete wellness village. A place which is familiar, feels like home, allows guests to reconnect with friends, and family, relax and escape the hectic pace of modern life.

“Thermëa spa village is the culmination of 15 years of guest experience and extensive research, including travel to unique and renowned establishments from around the world. Each spa village will become an icon, unique to the community in which it is built.” explains Martin Paquette, President, CEO and co-owner of Groupe Nordik. “From the mindful integration into the natural surroundings, to the rustic buildings of the sauna village and the variety of meticulously crafted experiences, Thermëa spa village is a place where you can escape not far from home. Every detail thoughtfully crafted is dedicated to all things wellness: a haven for your body, mind and soul.”


our mantra

"Leave your troubles behind."

The mantra is the driving force at the heart of our organization’s culture, inspiring our way of being.

Work With Us

When you step into the spa village you instantly feel at home, where you belong. Working here is far more than just having a job—it’s finding a community. A whole village of passionate, warm, and welcoming wellness artisans that guests trust and appreciate fully.

general services making repairs
employee assisting spa guests
general services making repairs employee assisting spa guests

Featured Press

thermea log house chalet
The massive new Nordic spa village near Toronto has confirmed that it's opening soon
More than a year after it was first announced, the highly anticipated Nordic spa village in Whitby is gearing up for a grand opening and it’ll be unlike anything Ontario has ever seen before. Thermëa Spa Village will be a massive relaxation destination that can comfortably accommodate up to 700 people at once. With so many amenities at your disposal, you will easily be able to spend all day here.
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13 of Ontario's most relaxing spas for your next 'me' day
After a year of stress and staring at our own faces for hours on Zoom, we could use some much-needed rest, relaxation and a facial—stat. While, we’re not totally in the clear yet, places are starting to open up again and what better way to celebrate getting through this than a much-needed spa day.
steam coming off of baths
The newly built Nordic spa near Toronto plans to finally open later this year
A new Nordic spa near Toronto plans to open this spring and it will be just the thing many people need after months of lockdown. Thermëa Spa Village in Whitby was slated to open in the fall of 2020 but like many projects and plans, it was delayed because of lockdowns, said Marianne Trotier, public and press director for Groupe Nordik.

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