Achieving physical and mental well-being with thermotherapy


Step into the sauna of your choice and take a deep breath. You start to feel the heat raise the temperature of your skin, your heartbeat quickens, your blood vessels begin to dilate, and droplets of sweat naturally form on your brow. Your body is now eliminating toxins and you feel your shoulders release their tension. The first step in the thermal cycle is pure heat. 

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
Benefits: stimulates the immune system & eliminates toxins  


Fully submerge yourself into the coldest of pools or plunge under an icy waterfall. Feel the energizing effects of the thermal shock. Your pores tighten and your body begins producing adrenaline. The second step in the thermal cycle is glacial and one-of-a-kind.   

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds
Benefits: releases adrenaline & closes pores


Allow yourself to rest. You feel at peace as you sit by a fire pit or in hammock swaying in the breeze. As your body recovers, endorphins  the bliss hormonesreplace adrenaline. The third and last step of the thermal cycle will make you want to start all over again.  

Duration: a minimum of 20 minutes
Benefits: produces endorphins & a profound sense of calm

Experience the world with the comforts of home

We have travelled the world to bring our favourite rituals to you. Whether it is the shock from the hot sauna followed by a cold plunge from Nordic countries, the restful floating sensation of the Dead Sea, the Germaninspired Aufguss ritual performed in our massive log event sauna or the ageold Middle Eastern tradition of Rhasul in one of our steam baths, these experiences are waiting for you in our village. Not only will you feel great, but they will impact your mental and physical health through improved blood flow, elimination of toxins, reduced inflammation, and recovery from soreness, as well as rejuvenating your skin.

Savour the moment

Throughout your stay in our spa village, discover new rituals at one of our eateries. Let our chef and his team take you on a culinary journey, offering fresh farm-to-table ingredients and flavours that are inspired by the land. Our seasonally sourced, fresh ingredients are hand-selected by our culinary staff and artfully created into inspired dishes by our head chef. Quick bites, tasty eats, classic meals and culinary arts all roll into one to become an integral part of your day at the spa village. 

The rejuvenation you deserve

At Thermëa, we understand that each body is unique. Therefore, we personalize our massages just for you. Our goal is to have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenatedwhether that means a long, relaxing massageor, a more intense, therapeutic one to work through areas of tension, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a wide selection of personal care treatments to have you feeling great on the inside and looking radiant on the outside. We know you’ll find just what you’re looking for here at Thermëa.