Discover a new world of wellness

A brand-new experience awaits you in our spa village; a place to find solace, peace and refuge. An oasis of wellness where you can reconnect with yourself, nature and those you love. 

The thermal cycle

Thermotherapy: a 2000-year-old Nordic tradition, an alternation between hot and cold, followed by rest. Better sleep, improved physical and mental health, accelerated recovery and healing are only a few of the benefits reaped from this practice. Take your time and embark on your very own thermal cycle.


Before you are 8 saunas. Each with its unique architecture, inspiration, temperature, heat source and climate. Step into the sauna of your choice and breathe in. You start to feel the heat on your skin, your heartbeat quickens, your blood vessels dilate, and droplets of sweat naturally form on your brow. Your body is now eliminating toxins and your shoulders release their tension. The first step of the thermal cycle is pure heat. 

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes  


  • Stimulates the immune system 
  • Eliminates toxins   
  • Relieves stress 
  • Soothes muscle & joint pain 


Fully submerge yourself into the coldest of pools or plunge under an icy waterfall. Feel the energizing effects of the thermal shock. Your pores tighten and your body begins producing adrenaline. The second step in the thermal cycle is glacial and one-of-a-kind.  

Duration: 10 to 15 seconds 


  • Releases adrenaline  
  • Closes pores and tightens the skin 
  • Improves blood flow 


Allow yourself to rest. You feel at peace as you sit by a fire pit or in a hammock swaying in the breeze. As your body recovers, endorphins—the bliss hormones—replace adrenaline. The third and last step of the thermal cycle will make you want to start all over again.   

Duration: a minimum of 20 minutes 


  • Produces endorphins  
  • Creates profound sense of calm 
  • Promotes better sleep 
  • Releases tensions 

A culinary journey

Embark on a culinary voyage where fresh farm-to-table ingredients and flavours that are inspired by the land shine brightly. Savour the moment in the three different culinary universes of our three restaurantsworlds of heavenly culinary discovery await.  

In Pairings, find a place where everything is just right, the flavours, the aromas, the textures, the sounds and most importantly, the people. In Biërgarden, imagine being invited to a picture-perfect backyard get-together. And finally, in Flö, discover a perfectly crafted cocktail in hand and with delicious bites to share, you’ve found the setting of your new most-cherished memories.    


We have travelled the world to bring to you carefully crafted experiences. A balance of international inspiration and deeply rooted traditions. Having brought elsewhere here, the spa village is now home to unique signature treatments. Explore the restful floating sensation and experience weightlessness in Källa. Discover the age-old Middle Eastern tradition of Rhassoul in one of our steam baths. The best in wellness awaits.   

Massages & body care

Imagine entering a room and leaving the aches and worries of a frenetic routine at its doorstep. Our certified massage therapists will personalize your experience so that you may benefit from your very own moment of peace. Whilst our aestheticians allow you to embark on a transformative journey and ignite the glow within. Discover a wide array of face, body and foot care treatments whose sole focus is you. Feel recharged on the inside and radiant on the outside.