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Reservations & General Information

Yes! Reservations are required to visit the spa village. Simply click the button at the top of the page to book or contact our guest services.

At the moment, you may make a reservation, online or by phone, for a maximum of four guests.

The spa village is reserved for those 19-years-old and over. You may be asked to present an identification card to enter the village.

A purchased gift certificate can be applied to any type of reservation for its original value. To do so, simply go to our online booking platform and select the date you wish to visit. Add in all your details and those of the guest(s) that will be accompanying you and will be covered by the gift certificate. You will have the opportunity to personalize the visit of both you and your guest(s) to include the services desired. After entering the billing address, select the gift certificate drop-down to enter the gift certificate barcode (starting with OW or OL) and the date of purchase. Press “validate” to see the amount of the gift certificate being deducted from the amount owed. Whether there is a balance or not, be sure to also enter the credit card details of the card that will be linked to the reservation for preauthorization purposes. Submit and voilà! You’ll soon receive your email confirmation containing your QR codes for admission. You are all set! We look forward to welcoming you.

No. You may stay with us for as long as you’d like, from your arrival to our closing time.

Yes! You may speak with your fellow spa village visitors. We ask that you speak no louder than the sound of our waterfall. Spaces in which silence is required will be clearly identified.

The thermal experience may present risks for those suffering from angina, heart or respiratory problems, diabetes, and hyper—or hypotension—especially when these conditions are viewed as serious and/or uncontrolled. In the case of body care treatments or massages, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, are in remission, or have undergone major surgery in the last three months, it is possible that a note from your health care provider will be required. Prior to receiving any massage or body treatment, we ask all guests to fill out and sign a health form as a means of certifying that you have declared any health conditions. Do consult your doctor for personalized medical advice.

No, you may not leave the spa village and return later in the day. Once you have re-entered the real world, you must wait until your next visit to join us once again.

You may change or cancel your reservations by emailing us. Our reservations remain completely refundable to the original method of payment if cancelled or modified at least 48 hours prior to the reservation time. You may also postpone your reservation up to 24 hours before your original arrival time. Cancellations made between 24 and 48 hours prior will be entitled to a full reservation credit in the form of a gift certificate that will be sent to the email address used at the time of booking. You may then apply it to a future reservation. Modifications made to reservations with less than a 24 hours’ notice will incur a rebooking fee.

Read Our Conditions of Sale

The spa village is available to you year-round, rain or shine. We have carefully designed our space so that you may enjoy your spa experience regardless of the weather. The weather forecasts do not affect your reservation, and we do not offer compensation for bad weather. However, if you wish to reschedule, you may do so, free of charge, by contacting us by phone or through our chat up to 24 hours prior to your arrival time. Now is a perfect time to inform you that rainy days are often quieter and very pleasant! The spa village offers comfortable rest areas and plenty of shelter from the rain, as well as saunas and hot baths to warm you up. In the case of thunderstorms, the baths will be closed temporarily.

Read Our Conditions of Sale

Visiting the spa village during pregnancy can be a well-needed moment’s respite and can provide many benefits. Our many experiences may help relieve tension, soothe heavy legs, and improve sleep. Here are several options you may enjoy at the spa village during pregnancy:


The Källa treatment, for a moment of peace floating in saltwater.


Body care treatments such as facials and the Aromatherapy Foot Care.


The spa village’s temperate pool, many of which are between 21 °C and 40 °C.


Numerous outdoor and indoor rest areas.


Our Mom-to-Be massage.


And all our dining areas.

Do note that saunas, hot baths, and exfoliation are not recommended during pregnancy. Always consult your doctor for personalized medical advice.

Yes, we do offer gender-neutral changing facilities. We wish for everyone to be comfortable when enjoying the spa village.

No, nudity is not allowed in the spa village. Bathing suits are mandatory at all times.

Water is at the centre of our spa village. As such, its quality must not only be excellent but surpass all standards of excellence. To do so, we rely on three assets:


Trained and experienced artisans | The team that monitors our various pools is made up entirely of certified pool operators, who are in constant action throughout our daily operations. Few establishments hire such specifically qualified personnel.


Cutting-edge equipment | Our powerful supply and pumping systems ensure that the water in our pools is completely filtered every 30 minutes. A computerized monitoring system analyzes water in real time, and our automated control systems chlorinate and disinfect as needed. The process is further enhanced with modern UV lamp technology to guarantee water quality throughout the spa village.


Meticulously applied protocols | While our automated systems are highly reliable, our staff also reviews the computerized data every three hours. If the slightest problem arises, we do not hesitate to close a pool until its parameters comply with the highest standards in the industry.

At this time, we do not offer memberships.

Thermëa spa village receives numerous sponsorship requests. As such, we may only consider major sponsorships related to our marketing focus:

1. Related to wellness, sports, fashion, signage or gastronomy.

2. Ensures high visibility.

3. Reaches our target audience.

We only offer in-kind contributions. All monetary sponsorships will be declined. Requests may be sent at info.whitby@thermea.com

No. At this time, the spa village does not offer packages for businesses.

No, it is not possible to organize corporate events at the spa village.

Groupe Nordik is Thermëa spa village's creator. Based in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, Groupe Nordik specializes in developing spas which are in harmony with nature. To fulfill its primary mission of making a difference in people’s lives, Thermëa spa village seeks to propel the spa industry to new heights by offering new and innovative relaxation experiences across North America.

Visit Groupe Nordik's website.

Preparing for Your Visit

Simply visit our lobby at the time of your reservation! If you have reserved a body care treatment or massage, please do arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation.

To leave your worries behind, all purchases made within the spa village will be done with an electronic wristband. Everything from meals to beverages and boutique purchases!

At check-in, you will be given an electronic wristband to open your locker and make purchases. A pre-authorization of $150 per guest is held on your credit card the day of your visit allow you to make purchases with the wristband. This amount will be adjusted automatically following your visit to reflect the purchases made. If the limit is reached during your visit, another pre-authorization will be processed automatically.

Visit Our RFID Wristband Page

We invite you to read our Spa Etiquette to learn more about the dos and don’ts of the spa village.

Read Our Etiquette

Here is what you need:


Your bathing suit;


Your sandals;


Your electronic ticket;


And your reusable water bottle.

If you’d like to enhance your spa village visit further, we do recommend you add to your list a novel, lip balm, sunscreen for sunny days and warm hats for chilly ones.

You may leave all your other personal belongings behind. We’ll happily take care of towels, robes and everything else!

We ask you to not bring your own towel or robes. Your locker will be fully stocked with towels and a bathrobe when you visit the spa village. Furthermore, our artisans will gladly give you fresh and dry towels as you enjoy your day.

We can assure you that the water quality of our baths surpasses all standards of excellence with the help of trained and experience artisans, cutting-edge equipment and meticulously applied protocols. Now, let's face it, swimsuits are not all made the same.

We recommend wearing a swimsuit made from fabric that resists top swimsuits destroyers. Top swimsuit destroyers include chlorine, salt, sweat, sunscreen and UV rays. Your swimsuit will be exposed to most if not all of these elements during your visit.

Taking a shower with your swimsuit on before using the facilities will help it not absorb as much chlorine and salt as it would if it was dry.

Rinsing out your swimsuit under a running faucet right away after your visit will also prevent sweat, salt and chlorine from having more time to damage the fabric.

If you reserve the Rhassoul treatment, you may wish to wear a dark swimsuit as clay might stain lighter colours.

Learn More About Rhassoul

Our menus are a representation of the diversity of our village. We offer vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, gluten-free and lactose-free options which are all clearly identified as such on our menus. Should you have any requests or allergies, simply advise our artisans. It will be their utmost pleasure to assist you.

Yes, swimsuits are mandatory within the spa village. Read our spa etiquette to learn more about the dos and don’ts of the spa village.

Read Our Etiquette

No, you may not bring your own food. A variety of options are available within the spa village to delight you with flavours.

For your peace of mind and to facilitate your wellness voyage away from daily worries, we do not offer Wi-Fi.

At this time, you do not need to make a reservation to dine in our restaurants. Do note that the restaurants are only available to spa village-goers.

Yes, gratuities are automatically added in all of our restaurants so you may enjoy a worry-free experience!

Gift Certificates

When purchasing a package, it is recognized that the gift certificate is of a specific value and may be applied to any type of reservation in any of our locations. It is also recognized that this purchase will remain non-refundable, albeit it is transferable. The original value will remain valid until it has been completely used. Our gift certificates have no expiration date. Promotional gift certificates hold no value and expire one year after issue unless stated otherwise. They may only be used for the service indicated on them and must be redeemed by making a reservation via telephone.

To learn more, consult our terms and cancellation policy.

Our gift certificates forever hold their value. No matter when it was purchased, you may use its monetary value to make a reservation. Promotional gift certificates hold no value and expire one year after issue unless stated otherwise.

Yes. Our gift certificates can be used in any of our locations, from Nordik Spa-Nature in Chelsea to Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature in Winnipeg and, of course, Thermëa spa village | Whitby. Pricing may differ per location and any balance shall be paid at the time of booking. Promotional gift certificates may only be used at the location for which they were issued.

Yes! Here are your options:

By email, free of charge and instantaneously.

By standard mail for $5.75 in 5 to 7 business days.

By express mail for $17.25 in 3 to 5 business days.

Gift certificates are shipped as soon as possible once the order has been processed. The processing and delivery times vary depending on the delivery address. Our parcels are shipped with Canada Post.

We reserve the right to modify the shipping costs for our gift certificates at any time and without notice. All shipping fees are in Canadian dollars. The sales tax is calculated based on the province of the spa. We cannot guarantee delivery to addresses outside of Canada.

Yes, we will gladly give you a hand. Please have the original buyer contact us so that we may retrace the gift certificate using its purchase information. Simply send us an email!

Body Care & Massages

Book the right treatment for you | Take the time to consider what you want and need. Take a look at all our offers. Is there a specific issue you’d like to address, or do you simply want to relax? Choose a massage or body care treatment that seems right for you. Have no fear, on the day of your appointment, your aesthetician or massage therapist will help personalize your experience to perfection.

The day of your appointment | On the day of your village visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your massage or body care treatment reservation. This will allow time for you to fill out our health questionnaire.

What to wear | We recommend disrobing to enjoy a massage. However, we respect the choice of our guests who prefer to wear their undergarments throughout their treatment. To respect your privacy, you will always be covered by a sheet during your treatment, only the part of your body being massaged will be uncovered.

During your massage or body care treatment | To draw maximum benefit from your experience, we recommend you speak with your massage therapist or aesthetician not only before your treatment, but also throughout. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, identify your pain, express your needs or any discomfort. By communicating clearly, you ensure your experience will be as beneficial and restful as can be. Let go, and enjoy.

Absolutely. All our massage therapists are accredited in the spa's respective province and, as such, can issue receipts for insurance purposes. We always recommend that you verify with your insurance provider to confirm their requirements prior to your reservation.

Yes, all our massage therapists are accredited and, as such, can issue receipts for insurance purposes. We do suggest you validate your coverages with your insurance provider to confirm their requirements prior to your reservation.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your massage or body care treatment time. This will allow time for you to fill out our health questionnaire.

No, the thermal experience is not included in the purchase of a massage or body care treatment. If you'd like to enjoy the thermal experience as well, you must add it separately when booking your reservation.

Yes, of course! We can provide you with a new receipt for insurance purposes. Simply send us an email with your name, the date of your visit and a brief message indicating you wish to have a new receipt issued. You will receive your replacement receipt by email within 2 to 3 business days.

Yes! You may enjoy a massage or body care treatment on its own. Do note that massages and body care treatments do not include the thermal experience. Should you wish to enjoy a moment’s respite at the spa village that includes multiple experiences, you must book them as such.

We recommend disrobing to enjoy a massage. However, we respect the choice of our guests who prefer to wear their undergarments throughout their treatment. To respect your privacy, you will always be covered by a sheet during your treatment, only the part of your body being massaged will be uncovered.

People with heart problems, high blood pressure, at-risk pregnancy, angina and diabetes are advised to consult their doctor before scheduling a massage. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, are in remission, or have undergone major surgery in the last three months, it is possible that a note from your health care provider will be required.

Tipping is at your discretion. It is preferable to plan in advance in order to facilitate the process. We suggest a minimum of 15%.

All spa village guests must be aged 19 or older.

The Mom-to-Be massage is perfect for those expecting! An unscented massage medium is used during this massage as essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.

Our aestheticians use Comfort Zone products during body care treatment. The sustainable skincare company is “guided by wellness and backed by science.”


Yes. All guests may enjoy a full thermal cycle, our flotation pool Källa as well as our delicious culinary experience. Many areas of the site are available to those with reduced mobility.

We have dedicated parking spots, ramps and elevators on site. The village is also equipped with lift chairs, Change Table Mobil, accessible bathrooms and our treatment tables offer a height adjustment. When making your reservation online, please notify us of any specific requirements you may need. You can also call our contact centre to discuss the accessibility accommodations you may need if your reservation is already created.

Reservations are mandatory and must be made online. You will find an accessibility option on the reservation platform so you can directly specify your needs. Should you experience any issues, feel free to contact us by phone or via our online messaging application.

We advise you to select the accessibility option when making your reservation online. One of our artisans will be in contact with you prior to your arrival to ensure we can respond to all needs. You can also contact our customer service department for more details about your visit. Make sure to advise us of any accommodations you may need as we will assist you with elevators as well as chair lifts for baths and Källa. Take this opportunity to address any questions you may have and do not forget to bring a valid certification card with you if you rely on a service animal.

Depending on your needs, you may or may not need to be accompanied. If you use a wheelchair, you will need someone to assist you. If you are a person with a disability who needs the help of a support person to move around the facility, that person is welcome to accompany you, free of charge.

Yes, you can book a variety of body, face and foot care treatments as well as massages. An elevator will take you to the different massage and treatment rooms. Our foot care treatment room is not accessible for people with limited mobility, if you would like to take advantage of this treatment, we will gladly arrange it in one of our other treatment rooms.

Yes, you can access Le Resto by using the ramp near the Guest Experience Desk for an upscale dining experience or try one of our 16 local beers at the Biergarden simply by asking our artisan for access.

Yes, you can bring your service animal with you if you rely on it to move around the village. You can simply bring a valid certification card with you during your visit. Please note that support animals, however, do not qualify as service animals under the AODA and are not permitted in our village.

If you still have questions, please reach out.