Spa Etiquette

We wish for you and all our guests to enjoy a moment far from daily worries at Thermëa spa village. To ensure everyone experiences a well-deserved moment’s respite, here are the inner workings of our village for you to explore.

Within Thermëa spa village, you will find two distinct sections: the sauna village and the spa village. We define the spa village area as a space for socialization and connection with others and yourself. Somewhere where memories are made and shared and where respect reigns. The spa village area includes: the lobby, all our restaurants, baths and respite areas. Whereas the sauna village area is silent and meditative.

The spa village is filled with restaurants where dishes are many and drinks flow aplenty. As such, the village is reserved for those 19-years-old and over. You may not bring outside food or alcohol. However, you may bring a filled reusable water bottle. We might have a look to see what’s inside, should we find alcohol, your village visit will be cut short, without a refund.

Our spa village is proud to offer a non-smoking environment. We ask you to leave your e-cigarettes, vape pens, and any tobacco or cannabis-related products at home.

To maximize your Thermëa experience, we recommend all guests have a shower prior to entering the village.

For everyone’s comfort, all guests wander the spa village in their bathing suits and wear their robe at their discretion and when required.

Whilst conversation is allowed and encouraged in areas of the village dedicated to socialization, we ask that you speak no louder than our waterfall. Furthermore, we ask that you refrain from playing music through any device, simply bring headphones if you wish to enjoy your melodies!

If you want to share your spa village experience with your loved ones and immortalize memories, you may do so with your phone or camera in the lobby, all our restaurants, baths and respite areas. Always be mindful of other guests and their privacy.

Keep in mind that Thermëa spa village is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Nor will we offer refunds for inconvenience due to inclement weather. The spa village experience may be enjoyed rain or shine!

As you may expect, the spa village is a peaceful place and thus, inappropriate behaviour does not have its place here.

Whilst our restaurant’s dress code is far more relaxed than any other eatery, we do ask you to cover your shoulders and upper body with a shirt or robe. Furthermore, for safety reasons, sandals must always be worn in our restaurants.

If you want to share your spa village experience with your loved ones and immortalize memories, you may do so with your phone or camera in our restaurants. Always be mindful of other guests and their privacy!

As your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we wish for your visit to be worry-free, all glassware used in the cocktail lounge and the Biergarden will be made of a clear plastic.

The sauna village is the perfect place to meditate and take a break from reality. To help you and other village-goers leave worries behind, this area is silent.

Here, your phone and camera must be kept in your pockets.

To respect the calm atmosphere of the sauna village, food and drinks must be left at its doors. However, you may keep your reusable water bottle on hand to rehydrate after a good sweat.

The Saunas

Whilst you may bring your water bottle to the sauna village, we do ask you to refrain from bringing it inside the sauna. Furthermore, sandals, glasses and jewellery should be left outside at all times.

For all village-goers to enjoy their sauna experience, for sanitary reasons, you must always sit or lay down on your towel in our saunas.

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Källa is a sanctuary. Remain silent.

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Shower before and after the treatment.

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Enter the pool gently as to avoid disturbing others.

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Remember, Källa is not a swimming pool.

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Recline gradually whilst extending your arms out. Lay on your back and close your eyes.

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Relax your neck and allow your head to float with your ears submerged to listen to the sound of underwater music.

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If you feel any discomfort in your neck, use one of our headrests found near the shower exit.

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Avoid touching your eyes as the Epsom salt concentration of the pool is incredibly high.

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Others are floating as well; you may bump into each other. It is completely natural and nothing to worry about. Forget about the world that surrounds you.

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Breathe in deeply and enjoy the quiet and weightlessness of your haven.

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Before you leave your sanctuary, remember to wash off the saltwater with another shower.

Present yourself to the massage area of the village 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow some time for you to fill out our health questionnaire.

Although we recommend disrobing to enjoy a massage, we respect the choice of our guests who prefer to wear their undergarments throughout their treatment.

If you still have questions, please reach out.

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