The Village’s Restaurants

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Meet Our Chef

Born and raised in Durham, Executive Chef James Piggott now calls the spa village home. He brings to Whitby incredible flavours and culinary adventures. Chef James finds inspiration in all things local. Passionate about farm to table cuisine, he makes sure locally raised and grown ingredients are always featured on Thermëa’s tables. When not in the kitchen, you’ll find him at the farmer’s market or making memories with his family.

chef james piggott

Discover Three Culinary Universes

As you wander the spa village, let yourself be tempted by the tantalizing aromas carried by the wind from our eateries.

Capturing Terroir Flavours

Let our chef and his team take you on a culinary journey, offering fresh farm-to-table ingredients and flavours that are inspired by the land. Our seasonally sourced, fresh ingredients are hand-selected by our culinary staff and artfully crafted into inspired dishes by our head chef. Quick bites, tasty dishes, classic meals and the culinary arts all roll into one to become an integral part of your day at the spa village.

meat dish with vegetables and wine guests enjoying a glass of wine guests enjoying a meal at the resto guests enjoying the spa village restaurant cheese and charcuterie board guests enjoying the spa village restaurant