A self-wellness experience


Hypnotized by the shadows of handcrafted lanterns that dance along the walls and ceiling, you are transported elsewhere via a haze of aromatic steam. Let yourself be guided through this rejuvenating experience of clay, steam, argan shells, pink salt and so much more.

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guest rinsing rhassoul clay off their back


Allow our Rituals Artisan to guide you through warm aromatic steam into a hammam inspired by ancient Moroccan traditions. Watch shadows and lights dance through mist as you use pink salt crystals and argan shells to gently exfoliate your face and body.

Your journey continues as you massage Rhassoul clay into your skin, using a combination of intricate motions which stimulate the release of impurities.

Sit back, close your eyes, and unwind as mist and clay come together to help you absorb rich minerals. Steam continues to flow through the room. Calming music fills the space and you gently apply a honey and argan oil face mask.

Throughout your experience, cooling rain showers descend from the starry ceiling above to guide you through the next step of your Rhassoul journey.

The treatment concludes with an orange blossom-infused body oil that leaves your skin soft and nourished. To enchant all your senses, we complete this voyage with traditional Moroccan mint tea and lokums.


“Embark on a wellness voyage to a place bathed in light, shadows, and steam. Discover elsewhere and step into a self-guided experience inspired by ancient traditions.”

artisan holding a tray for the rhassoul treatment guests applying rhassoul clay guests talking and enjoying rhassoul refreshments artisan pouring mint tea


Steam, pink salt, Rhassoul clay, argan oil and shells come together to create a rejuvenating experience. Pores are open and impurities are released. The skin’s texture is improved, toned and hydrated. The final result: a glow from within and a luminous complexion.

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Plan Your Visit

The answers to your spa village questions.

Yes. As seats are limited, reservations must be made in advance. However, spontaneous reservations are subject to availability.

The Rhassoul treatment is a 30-minute self-administered treatment that is guided by a Rituals Artisan. You need to arrive 10 minutes before the treatment in the Steam Haus.

Simply arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment time and allow yourself to be taken on this journey.

Spaces for the Rhassoul treatment are limited to 8 guests. As such, we recommend that you reserve your place ahead of time.

The Rhassoul treatment takes place in our Steam Haus, near the Källa flotation pool.

Should you have any trouble finding the Steam Haus, simply ask one of our artisans to guide you.

The Rhassoul treatment is not recommended for those who have a chronic skin condition.

Furthermore, treatments performed in a steam room environment are not advisable during pregnancy due to the risks associates with overheating, dehydration, and fainting.

Rhassoul clay may indeed stain light-coloured swimwear. We recommend you opt for a darker colour when visiting the village and enjoying this treatment.

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guets floating in epsom salt pool
guest entering the flotation pool
guets floating in epsom salt pool guest entering the flotation pool