A spa village

We’ve taken the spa experience and transformed it into a wellness village. This place is familiar, allows you to relax, and leave your worries behind. Our spa village is the first of its kind, with state-of-the-art installations and at its core, buildings reminiscent of a distant past, where life was strongly connected with nature and steeped in traditions. 

Enjoy our sauna rituals, bathing areas, breathtaking views, and soothing experiences throughout the grounds. Discover our farm-to-table dining offering at one of our many eateries and leave all your worries behind.   

Building a Spa Village

Follow our Product & Design Manager, Antoine Lagarec, as he takes you on a tour of Thermëa spa village | Whitby. Embark on this journey of discovery with us and find out what it takes to build a spa village.

Latest construction updates

We’re almost there. We have officially entered the last mile of construction. With the price and availability of materials skyrocketing, the ongoing labour shortage, along with our efforts to constantly ensure the health and safety of our crew—it is hard to estimate the exact date the spa village will open. As soon as a clear window is confirmed, we will share the good news here, in our newsletter and on our social media. Our booking platform will be live at least five weeks prior to our grand opening in 2022.  

We cannot wait to share everything we’ve worked so hard on. We’ve developed new rituals and treatments, and crafted experiences like no other. The menus for our three restaurants are penned and packed with delicious dishes. Our underground flotation pool, Källa, is soon to be filled with water. The interiors of four of our eight saunas are complete, including our event sauna, which can hold up to ninety visitors per ritualThe emblematic water tower is standing proudly. Our main building’s exterior is done. We have started up some of our mechanical equipment and our pools will be receiving their last touches in the coming weeks before winter sets in. As you can see, landscaping is progressing but plenty of work remains. Although the planting season has passed, I am certain our village will flourish beautifully in spring. 

The images below were captured at the end of October. We will continue to offer you exclusive access into our world here, one update at a time. We’ll be seeing you soon. 

In numbers

  • 300 artisans
  • 700 guests on-site capacity
  • 25 massage and treatment rooms
  • 8 saunas
  • A variety of pools
  • 90 people capacity event sauna
  • An underground Epsom salt flotation pool
  • 3 distinct culinary options
  • Multiple complimentary rituals
  • A wide array of indoor & outdoor rest areas

At home in a wellness village

From the mindful integration into the natural surroundings to the rustic buildings of the traditional sauna village and the variety of meticulously crafted experiences, Thermëa spa village is a place where you can escape not far from home. Every detail thoughtfully crafted is dedicated to all things wellness; a haven for your body, mind and soul. 

Our story

With a history of over 15 years as pioneers within the wellness industry, Thermëa spa village was crafted and curated to meet the various needs of our guests. Extensive research—including travel to unique and renowned establishments from around the world—shaped and inspired the unique experiences that may now be found on a site with a distinctly Canadian character, where modernity meets accents of the past.