Thermal Experience vs Thermal Cycle

March 7, 2023 - by Geneviève Latour

The Difference Between the Thermal Experience and the Thermal Cycle

The Common Denominator

The Thermal Cycle


Firstly, you spend 10 to 15 minutes in a sauna. The heat stimulates your immune system, eliminates toxins, soothes muscle and joint pain and relieves stress and tension.


Secondly, you fully submerge yourself in cold water for 10 to 15 seconds. The thermal shock is invigorating. Your body releases adrenaline, your pores tighten, and your blood flow is improved.


Finally, you rest for at least 20 minutes. As your body recovers from the, it produces endorphins—known as the bliss hormones—to replace adrenaline. A sense of calm washes over you, any leftover tension is gone, and the night is sure to bring a great night’s sleep.

The Thermal Experience

In Conclusion

woman exiting an outdoor thermal bath man under a cold water bucket people enjoying outdoor baths in snow couple exiting the spa in winter couple sitting in sauna

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