The Spa Village

Step into your haven

A neighbouring village for you to escape to. A getaway that feels like home. Every detail is thoughtfully crafted and dedicated to our community and the art of wellness.


We’ve taken the spa experience and transformed it into a wellness village. This place is familiar, allows you to rest, and leave your worries behind.

Our spa village is the first of its kind, with state-of-the-art installations and buildings reminiscent of a distant past, when life was strongly connected with nature and steeped in tradition.

Enjoy sauna rituals, bathing areas, breathtaking views, and soothing experiences throughout the grounds. Take the time to discover our farm-to-table dining offerings at one of our many eateries. Allow yourself to rest.


“A shelter, to get away from modern life and daily worries, a time for respite.”

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Wander the Village

As you wander through the alleys of the spa village, you’ll discover different worlds born from a variety of traditions – all for you to experience.

outdoor view of the grounds of the village outdoor view of the grounds of the village with a bath in the forefront outdoor view of the grounds of the village outdoor view of the grounds of the village with the water tower in the background
guests sitting outside in the biergarden

Our Story

With a history of over 15 years as pioneers in the wellness industry, Thermëa spa village was crafted and curated to meet the various needs of our community. Extensive research—including travel to unique and renowned establishments from around the world—shaped and inspired the unique experiences that may now be found on a distinctly Canadian site, where modernity meets accents of the past.

Experience Thermotherapy

Achieve physical and mental wellbeing with thermotherapy. Find peace in a cycle of hot, cold and rest.

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Culinary Journey

Embark on a culinary voyage where fresh farm-to-table ingredients and flavours inspired by our land shine brightly.