Blooming Tranquility: Your Spring Spa Haven

A Serene Escape in Whitby

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Signature Package


Relaxation Package


Gourmet Package


Serenity Package

woman floating in the kalla pool


Rest Easy This Spring

Watch nature gently awaken from its slumber and embrace springtime renewal from mind, body and soul.


6 outdoor baths

3 restaurants with terraces

25 massage and treatment rooms

5 saunas & 2 steam rooms


The Källa flotation pool

The Rhassoul experience

Many outdoor rest areas

3 refreshments stations

spa goers enjoying the thermal bath
spa goers relaxing in the hammocks
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the thermea spa village at sunset

Just the Beginning: Our Green Initiatives

At Thermëa spa village, were dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with nature, our community, and ourselves. Join us on our journey towards sustainability and wellness, and perhaps find inspiration to integrate these values into your own lifestyle. 

April 19, 2024
2 friends enjoying their time at the spa

5 Essential Tips for Spring Visits

There’s really no wrong way to go about your springtime spa getaway. Rain or shine, morning or evening, weekday or weekend—relaxation is on the menu.

April 15, 2024
a healthy power bowl containing fresh ingredients

How to Create the Perfect Power Bowl

Imagine discovering the ideal, simple, and nutritious meal option. Better yet, envision transforming it into a delightful, adaptable, and tasty experience. Introducing the power bowl—a balanced and healthy meal thats as visually appealing as it is flavourful.

April 8, 2024

Spring Into Action

Give Springtime Sunshine

photo of gift certificates
CLOSE At the top of their list…

… is what they truly want this holiday season: time to rest. Find an experience perfectly catered to them and give them the gift they need this year.